Sam Worthington’s For the Dogs Gets a New Director in Jonathan Mostow

For the Dogs Book CoverEx-Terminator star Sam Worthington is teaming up with ex-Terminator director Jonathan Mostow for the assassin drama “For the Dogs”. Although the two never actually worked together, I guess you could call this a Terminator reunion of sorts. Or not. Just throwing it out there.

Mostow replaces “Salt” director Phillip Noyce, who was attached for a while, but apparently found greener pastures elsewhere. Mostow is most known for “Terminator: Rise of the Machines” and the WWII drama “U-571”, and he also recently directed the Bruce Willis sci-fi actioner “Surrogates”.

“For the Dogs”, based on the novel by Kevin Wignall, will star Worthington as “a solitary assassin who agrees to help a bright college girl exact revenge on those who mercilessly murdered her parents and younger brother.”

Hailee Steinfeld (“True Grit”) is playing the college girl, making this the third movie for her in 2014 where she’s involved in assassination shenanigans. She’s also starring in “Barely Lethal” with Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson, where she’s playing a teenage assassin, and in “Three Days to Kill” with Kevin Costner. I’m guessing “Barely Lethal” will be a little more comedic, though, since it has the assassin in high school. And “Three Days to Kill” is from McG and Luc Besson, so it’ll probably just be goofy in an unintentional way.

Oren Moverman (“Rampart”) “The Messenger” wrote the script for FilmEngine Entertainment, with production currently scheduled to go in this Fall.

Jonathan Mostow in Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines (2005) Movie Image

Via : Variety