Samuel Bayer Wants a Piece of Garth Ennis’ The Boys Next

While doing the promo rounds for his upcoming “A Nightmare on Elm Street” reboot, director Samuel Bayer (left) sounded indifferent about returning for the inevitable sequel, and instead would rather focus on adapting Garth Ennis’ “The Boys” to the big screen. “The Boys” has been talked about for a while now, but honestly, the chance of it happening just doesn’t seem all that feasible to me unless they really change it up a lot ala “Wanted”. But hey, if “Nightmare” becomes the hit that most people expect it to be, maybe Bayer will have the juice to get it up and running. Here’s what he told STYD:

I’m catching my breath but I’ve been offered some stuff. There’s one comic book I really dig that I want to go after that’s bad-ass. I’d like to get it, it’s called The Boys. It’s about a group of mercenaries and they’re job is to kick the shit out of superheroes who get out of line. It doesn’t get any better than that. In the world of The Boys, superheroes are scumbags. My youngest brother is a comic book historian and he introduced me to a lot of graphic novels like “The Dark Knight.” There are some great books I don’t think people have tapped into yet.

Obviously “Nightmare” is going to do great business. The combination of a new generation of horror fans ignorant of the originals and slick trailers will basically guarantee that. After all, if the entirely generic, bland “Friday the 13th” reboot can be a hit, “Nightmare” should do even better.

Still, I don’t see “The Boys” happening. It would be cool if it did actually get made, since the premise is very intriguing. Basically, “The Boys” are about a bunch of badasses going around taking down superheroes when they get out of line, which they invariably do since in Ennis’ book, superheroes are basically villains with better PR.

Last we heard on the project, the film had landed writers, and was still gestating over at Columbia.

The Boys. Trust me, this is the least offensive thing about the book.