Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Elizabeth Olsen is Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2

Elizabeth Olsen in Silent House (2011) Movie Image

Did Samuel L. Jackson just revealed that Elizabeth Olsen has been officially cast as the Scarlet Witch in Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”? It sure sounds like it.

The eyepatched one, who just made a swanky little cameo at the end of “Agents of SHIELD” earlier this week, recently talked to the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy about his “Agents of SHIELD” appearance, during which he divulged this little nugget concerning Whedon’s upcoming “The Avengers” sequel:

I don’t think we begin shooting before March of next year. I know we’re shooting in London, that James Spader is Ultron and going to be the bad guy, and that we added Ms. [Elizabeth] Olsen [who will play the Scarlet Witch], but I don’t know what she’s doing, if she’s on the inside or the outside. I haven’t seen a script.

Notice that he only says they “added” Olsen, but not who she’s playing. It’s the paper that added in that Olsen is playing the Scarlet Witch in brackets, in an attempt to clarify his statement, since Olsen was previously rumored to be up for the role. Jackson is coming off Spike Lee’s remake of “Oldboy”, in which he co-stars with Olsen, so it makes sense if they got to talking and she told him she was onboard.

Not too big of a surprise if she does end up hexing the Avengers, since we’ve known for some time that Whedon has wanted her. Still, Marvel, being their ultra secret self, probably won’t be too happy with Jackson spilling the beans nilly willy. Then again, since they signed him up for 609 appearances in his last contract, it’s not like they can just fire him, and I suspect Jackson isn’t the kind of guy to take being chastised by studio suits sitting down.

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, with Spader as the voice of Ultron, tries to take over the world in 2015.

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