Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Role in Frank Miller’s The Spirit

I guess this is kind of a clarification and not really news news. In an interview with MTV, Samuel L. Jackson says that, as far as he knows, he’s confirmed as starring as the villainous Octopus in Frank Miller’s upcoming “The Spirit”, a live-action big screen adaptation of Will Eisner’s pulp comic book crimefighter. I don’t know why I’m even reporting this, since I think everyone pretty much expected that this was the case when Frank Miller mentioned it many moons ago. But hey, it’s a slow news day, so take it or leave it.

More from MTV:

Will Eisner’s “The Spirit” follows detective Denny Colt as he fights crime with the blessing of the city’s police force. And the Octopus? “Well, the Octopus actually created Spirit when you come down to it,” Jackson said, enthusiasm bubbling over as he began to describe the characters’ origins. “He was sort of a mad scientist who worked at a morgue. Spirit was a young cop who got killed. So when his body came in, he was working on this kind of serum that would make people sort of immortal. He tried it on [Spirit] and he came back to life, and then he tried it on himself, so he could be, you know, his nemesis and he became even stronger.”

So you can expect the villain to be the best thing about “The Spirit”. With Samuel L. Jackson in the role, it’s almost a given, isn’t it?

The last time Jackson played a comic book villain? He was Mister Glass in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable”.

Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Role in Frank Miller