Samuel L. Jackson has a Gun in First Image from Live-Action Kite Movie

Kite Anime CoverDirector Ralph Ziman’s “Kite”, the live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga/anime of the same name, has just wrapped up production in South Africa.

The film stars Samuel L. Jackson along with Callan McAuliffe, with “Underworld: Awakening’s” India Eisley playing the female lead, Sawa. In the movie, as in the comics and anime, Sawa is a young teenage girl in a dystopian city seeking to avenge her father’s killers with the help of his ex-partner, played by Samuel L. Jackson.

McAuliffe (“I am Number Four”) will play Oburi, the young boy who befriends and falls for Sawa. Which is complicated, since Sawa is also a teenage hitman.

Or, er, hitwoman. Hitgirl. One of those.

Hopefully that’s the extent of the movie’s faithfulness to the source material, which can be a tad, er, gratuitous at times.

In an interview with the Aussie McAuliffe, Aussie newspaper The Telegraph also has your first official image from “Kite”, featuring McAuliffe into the wrong end of a gun courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson. You can check it out below.

“Kite” is due sometime next year.

Callan McAuliffe and Samuel L. Jackson in Kite (2014) Movie Image

“Don’t make me quote the bible to you, boy!”

Via : Anime News Network