Samuel L. Jackson Joining Kite and Really, REALLY Wants to be in Star Wars Again


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Samuel L. Jackson is re-teaming with his “Snakes on a Plane” director David Ellis for Ellis’ upcoming adaptation of the Japanese anime “Kite”. Besides that, he reveals he’s still on tap to shoot his scenes for the “RoboCop” remake, and he’d really like to be in the new “Star Wars” movies … despite the fact that his character Mace Windu died in the prequels.

Kite (1998) Movie PosterTalking to, Jackson confirms his involvement in Ellis’ “Kite”:

After [RoboCop], I’m going to do this live-action version of Kite, the Japanese anime. I’ll be doing a live-action version of that in Johannesburg.

Jackson is likely playing the partner of a murdered cop, who teams up with the cop’s young daughter as she seeks revenge for her father’s death. Or it could be another role, but that seems like something he would be cast in.

The last time we heard anything about “Kite”, it was way back in 2011. There hasn’t been much movement on the film since, though Jackson’s involvement is the first major progress on the adaptation.

Meanwhile, Jackson has begun his campaign to appear in the new “Star Wars” movies:

They can bring me back alive with one hand, I don’t care — just let me back in!

So yeah, Disney, let the man back in already! He can totally make a character with one hand work! Then again, it’s not like characters in the “Star Wars” universe have ever let losing a hand deterred them.

Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu in Star Wars

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  • WingCm

    It’s more plausible Mace surviving getting his hand cut off than Maul surviving getting cut in half or Boba Fett surviving the Sarlak.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Personally I would be pissed at Mace if he did survive, second most powerful Jedi just sat on his ass all throughout the Empire’s reign, that’s bitchy of him!
    Yay Sam is coming to my home town!

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    I would be ok with him taking over from the late Alec Guinness as Luke’s force ghost teacher.

    • WingCm

      That would actually be pretty cool.

  • WaveWolf

    If there is one thing I think they will keep from the now (fortunatly) “non canon post return of the jedi exended universe” is that Boba Fett didn’t die in the Sarlac Pitt.
    He could still be mad with Mace for his father death and I’d realy like to see he two of them face each other.
    And there are no proof Mace died on Coruscant. He could just have lost his connection with the Force, like what happened to Kota in The Force Unleashed (the first game was pretty good), he hide all these years and now Luke thinks that, Force or not, he could help him rebuild the Jedi Order.

    I think that if they do this right, it could work very well. But I don’t think they will do it, anyway.

  • Dedpool

    Kite was a cool anime. I’d like to see this. As for SW if Both Boba and Maul can come back then so can Mace, though I do agree if he was around the whole time why didn’t he reach out to Yoda and they could’ve started things up earlier, by picking Obi Wan up. LOL But either way i’d love to see Boba and Mace finally have it out, only to have to team up for a bit before they finish their fight.

  • Suzie JP

    Uncle Owen says, “Samuel L. Jackson’s just a crazy old wizard. He died pretty much exactly the same moment as your father.” Just leave the M***** F****** Jedi dead!