Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Fight You, Internet Critics

Celebrities are silly. They make millions of dollars for a couple months work pretending in front of a camera while eating expensive catered food and getting rubdown massages in their trailers until they’re needed, but they still insist you love them and love everything they do. Whatever. Anyways, Samuel L. Jackson is now the latest celeb to get his panties into a bunch about Internet critics who trash him and his movies. Personally, we like Sam Jackson, and when he’s in a movie we don’t care for, we just avoid watching and reporting on it. I don’t think I’ve ever said one bad thing about Sam the Man, but just in case I ever do, Sam would like to give me his number so we can arrange a time and he can set me straight.

Jackson tells WENN:

“All these people can sit at home and can blog. They can say bad things about you online and you don’t know who they are but they know who I am. It’s totally unfair. I know my face, you know my face. I want to see you. Meet me at this place here and let’s have that discussion: ‘What did you mean washed up and always yelling and screaming? And if you don’t believe it’s me call this number.’ I enjoy engaging critics in that way.”

Yes, Sam, it’s totally unfair that you make millions of dollars a year while I sit in my boxers (not) talking trash about you, while trying to save up enough money to super size my next visit to McDonalds. Gee, it’s so unfair that I get to make fun of you in my blog, even, as mentioned, I don’t do. Well, except for this article, but that’s a first, ain’t it?

P.S. Sam, you want to get mad at someone for popularizing the notion that you only scream and get mad in your movies? Go talk to Dave Chappelle. Video below is NSFW.