Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Re-Team for Most Wanted

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds had such a swell time working together on the romantic comedy “The Proposal” that they’re going to do it again, this time on the action-comedy “Most Wanted”. And just because “The Proposal” was such a blast (the film’s shocking $317 million worldwide gross wasn’t bad, either), they’re planning on bringing back director Anne Fletcher to helm this one, too.

The plot of “Most Wanted” has Bullock playing a criminal suspect being escorted to court by Reynolds’s FBI agent, when the duo are ambushed and forced to go on the run. They come to rely on each other and hanky panky ensue. One presumes, of course.

EW reports that “Most Wanted” is from “Proposal” writer (starting to see a pattern here?) Peter Chiarelli, who recently sold the pitch (not a script, mind you, just the pitch) for a cool $1 million to Universal Studios. (What recession?) Mandeville Films, who did “The Proposal”, will be producing “Most Wanted”.

Did I mention that “The Proposal” made $317 million worldwide?

'So this time I get to be on top. Deal?'