Sandra Bullock Orbiting Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity


I guess we won’t be seeing the world’s shortest astronaut onscreen after all. The latest news on Alfonso Cuaron’s survival-in-space movie “Gravity” has Natalie Portman, recently rumored to be in talks for the role, dropping out due to the ever popular “scheduling conflict” and Sandra Bullock now in talks to take over the role that was previously supposed to be Angelina Jolie’s before she passed — twice.

Written by Cuaron and his son Jonas, “Gravity” would find Bullock playing a female astronaut stranded in space, trying to get back home to daughter after space debris wipes out her crew and space station. Robert Downey Jr. co-stars as the male lead, though the film is “Castaway”-ish, with Bullock’s character onscreen almost the entire time.

Which is probably why Cuaron and the studio were so hot to get Jolie in the role, and why I thought Portman would have been a terrible choice. Bullock, on the other hand, would make a fine replacement.

Sandra Bullock in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • Jolie For Gravity

    Warner Bros should bring back Angelina Jolie for Gravity!

  • daphne

    for me Sandra is enough for gravity. . She’s amazing! Angelina is for salt and be it=)

  • Heather

    Sandra is perfect. Take her. I didn’t like Portman. Because let’s face it – Natalie is one of those actors who can only play one type of role. She will play it good. But still her characters looks the same. And as people already mentioned – she is boring to death.

    Why they are not calling Kate Winslet?

  • enamul islam/bangladesh

    sandra is an ‘xcellent in the movies.she is unparallel in hollywood arena.

  • Burroughs Antony

    Sandra Bullock ‘s exuberant and vivid personality is so attractive to me that her appeal and looks remind me of someone very special. Sandra ‘s slapstick humor in comedy makes her really adorable. She’s very congenial as one of her farce comedy movies “Miss Congeniality”. But she’s also very serious minded and dedicated to the aspect of philanthropy as well.