Sara Tancredi Lives! Sarah Wayne Callies to Return to Prison Break

On the heels of news that FOX has renewed Prison Break for a fourth season, Kristin over at E! Online has a major scoop about the casting — namely that Sarah Wayne Callies, whose character Sara Tancredi was killed off in Season 3, will in fact be returning to the show. Say what??? Exactly. Well, as Kristin explains it, the fans got royally miffed at Sara’s uber lame exit, and the producers wanted to appease them, so they have brought back actress Sarah Wayne Callies, who has been with the show from the very beginning before being summarily (and without any real reason, according to her) fired from the show, and her character “killed off”.


You may be asking the obvious question, i.e., “How? How will Sara return when she doesn’t have a freaking head?!” Well, Olmstead makes it clear that isn’t Sara’s head after all, and she’s been alive, although not necessarily well, this whole time.

For you who don’t know, Sarah Wayne Callies couldn’t return to shoot Sara’s death scene last season, so producers used a Polaroid photo of her from a wardrobe test. How did the Company turn that into a fake noggin? Watch the show!

The explanation for Sara’s not-really death? Apparently the Company, the show’s mysterious baddie, faked the death in order to get Michael Scofield, the show’s lead, to do what they need him to do. Or something.

You know, I’m a fan of Prison Break, and Sarah Wayne Callies is one fine woman, but seriously, they decided to kill her character off willy nilly, and now they’re just going to bring her back like that? Uh. Hey, I can buy a lot of things about Prison Break, but come on, my credulity can only be stretched so far.

Still, I know a lot of Prison Break fans out there are happy as little clams about this news. Congrats, boys and girls, Sara Tancredi lives!

Read the rest of the interview with Prison Break producer Matt Olmstead here. He goes on to answer a few more questions about Sara’s return, how, etc.