Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Suburban Girl Goes Direct to DVD

Maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar should have had second (and third and fourth) thoughts about leaving her Buffy TV show, because let’s face it, the poor girl’s movie career hasn’t exactly taken off. Post-Buffy, her biggest hits have been a movie about a cartoon dog (and you know it was all about the cartoon dog) and a ghost kid (and you know it was all about the ghost kid). Her box office bombs are too numerous to mention. Sarah’s latest, “Suburban Girl” (formerly “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing”) is apparently going to by-pass movie theaters altogether and go straight to your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video store. (Wait, is Hollywood Video still around?)

The gals (?) at AfterEllen has a list of Sarah’s upcoming movies, and I can only see one that will make it into theaters — the remake of the Asian horror movie “Addicted”, now called “Possession”. There is still hope that “Southland Tales” will make it to theaters — that is, if the damn thing ever gets released, which at this point I have serious doubts about.


Originally billed as The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing, Suburban Girl also premiered at Tribeca. It stars Gellar as Brett, an associate book editor in her first job in New York City. Brett’s in over her head until she falls for publishing legend Archie Knox, played by Alec Baldwin. Archie introduces her to the glamorous side of literary Manhattan.

I know, the thought of Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar doing the nasty is kind of icky, but apparently, it works. The film’s reviews, while not dazzling, found the movie pleasant enough and predicted box office success.

We’ll never know if they were right, since Suburban Girl’s distributors have decided to take it directly to DVD for release next January. You don’t have to wait, however, to see how cute SMG looks in glasses.

The idea that someone is rubbing up against Alec Baldwin’s man fur strikes fear in all parts of me.

An image from “Suburban Girl”:

Sarah Michelle Gellar