Sarah Shahi Will Try to Avoid a Bullet to the Head

By joining Walter Hill’s action film, which at this point is still untitled, but was referred to as “Headshot” in the past, and I don’t see why they would change it now, since “Headshot” sounds pretty much like something Hill would do with Sylvester Stallone as the star.

Shahi played a cop in the NBC show “Life” starring Damian Lewis, and is currently the star of her own USA Network show called “Fairy Legal”. It’s a legal show, as you probably already guessed, because hell, who doesn’t need yet another lawyer show? The Walter Hill movie will find Shahi playing the daughter of Stallone’s hitman character. No word if she’s a lawyer or a cop.

“Headshot” will star Stallone as a New Orleans hitman who teams with a New York cop to take down the killers of their respective partners. Thomas Jane was originally slated to play the New York part of the partnership, but rumors have him being forced out in favor of a minority co-star.

More concrete casting has “Fast Five’s” Sung Kang recently joining up in another supporting role.

Hill will direct from a script by Alessandro Camon, who adapted the comic book “Bullet to the Head” by Matz (yes, one name) and Colin Wilson, first published by Dynamite Entertainment. Production is scheduled to start later this month on location in New Orleans.