Sarah Wayne Callies Will Battle the Walking Dead

Check it out, “Prison Break” fans, Sarah Wayne Callies has landed the female lead in AMC’s upcoming zombie TV series “The Walking Dead”. Callies will play Lori Grimes, the wife of a small-town cop (to be played by Andrew Lincoln) who takes off with her son and the cop’s best friend when the dead begin to walk the Earth. It’s not her fault, though: her husband was in a coma at the hospital at the time. The two eventually reunite, and together try to survive the infestation, though their are complications. Aren’t there always?

“The Walking Dead” will be based on the indie comic book by Robert Kirkman, with Frank Darabont directing the pilot and producing the show. The cable network has already given the show an initial 6-episode order, with the premiere scheduled for October of this year.

Not bad for an actress who got summarily fired (and beheaded onscreen) for absolutely no reason while on a popular show, huh?