Sasha Alexander Joins TNT’s Female Cop Show Rizzoli

Well this is nice. I’ve been wondering whatever happened to Sasha Alexander after she had a temporary case of brain farts and decided to leave the hit CBS show “NCIS” just as it was becoming a gargantuan hit. You know, “NCIS”? That “CSI” show set in the military? After doing a mostly forgettable stint in the movies, Alexander is returning to the small screen as Angie Harmon’s partner in TNT’s new female-centric cop show “Rizzoli”. She will play Maura Isles, the Boston medical examiner who usually teams up with Harmon’s Rizzoli to solve crimes.

Besides Alexander, three other names have been added to the cast: Bruce McGill, Jordan Bridges and Lee Thompson Young. McGill will play Detective Vince Korsak, Rizzoli’s former partner, who takes it personally when Rizzoli takes on a new partner in the very green Barry Frost (Young). Bridges, meanwhile, will play Franke Rizzoli Jr., our female lead’s younger brother, a Boston patrol officer who worships his big sis and hopes to make detective someday.

“Rizzoli” is written by Janet Tamaro, and is based on the mystery novels by Tess Gerritsen. It will join a female cop-heavy line-up on TNT, including the successful “The Closer” and the departing “Saving Grace” with Holly Hunter.

Sasha Alexander