Sasha Grey Presents Director Frankie Latina’s Modus Operandi This February

Although it was filmed way back in the year that was 2009, director Frankie Latina’s “Modus Operandi” — yet another grindhouse throwback designed to look like an old-ass motion picture — is finally getting a DVD release this February. So if you’re bummed about “My Pure Joy” not being released in time for Valentine’s Day, perhaps this title will fit the proverbial, instead. I doubt it, but you never know. I think this one looks promising, and I’m quite anxious to get my misshapen hands on a copy as soon as possible. Hint, hint, my dear wife. Hint, hint.

As always, a synopsis is available for your brain to consume:

Two briefcases with mysterious contents are stolen from top Presidential candidate Squire Parks, setting off a deadly series of double-crosses and betrayals. Desperate warring factions of subterranean organizations will stop at nothing to gain possession of the sensitive material. A covert branch of the CIA calls on notorious Black Ops agent Stanley Cashay, who has been barely existing in a semi-comatose twilight since the murder of his wife. Cashay is offered the identity of his wife’s killer in exchange for locating and returning the cases. Agent Cashay uses the most dangerous weapons at his command, the telephone and his reputation, to unleash a bizarre assortment of operatives, including the deliciously sleazy Casey Thunderbird and exotic Tokyo-based special agent Black Licorice. Along with scores of other beguiling rogues, they initiate a horrifying chain of events, including ruthless torture and brutal killings.

Randy Russell, Mark Borchardt, and Danny Trejo are among those who joined forces for “Modus Operandi”, the latter of whom has secured my interest in the project. Yes, I know Trejo will show up in just about anything, but the guy is always entertaining. Before grabbing a copy of the flick on February 14th, 2012, watch the trailer embedded below this passage.