Saturday Morning Mystery is Headed to VOD This Summer

Saturday Morning Mystery (2012) Movie Image

According to someone at Ain’t it Cool News, director Spencer Parsons’ upcoming horror flick “Saturday Morning Mystery” is a combination of “Scooby Doo” and “Evil Dead.” I generally hate it when a flick tries to sell itself as two movies rolled into one, but that’s probably the easiest way to describe this one without going into serious detail. Excellent work, Ambush Bug! You’ve made my job that much easier. Now all I have to do is provide this synopsis.

Speaking of which, here’s a synopsis:

Four professional ghost hunters, who travel in a vintage van accompanied by their canine companion, get far more than they bargained for when they investigate an abandoned schoolhouse with a mysterious past.

To be perfectly honest, the verdict is still out on “Saturday Morning Mystery.” While a part of my cinematic soul is buzzing with curiosity, a more skeptical region of my anatomy wonders if I’d just be wasting my oh-so precious time. I suppose I’ll be forced to tap my finger on the desk in wonder as I ponder this deeply perplexing enigma.

“Saturday Morning Mystery” stars Josephine Decker, Paul Gordon, Jonny Mars, Ashley Spillers, and Adam Tate. You can invite Spencer Parsons’ horror flick into your home via VOD beginning July 17. The film will enjoy a limited theatrical run on August 9, while a home video release will likely follow shortly thereafter. When you’re ready, check out the trailer below.

Saturday Morning Mystery (2012) Movie Poster

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