Savini and a Theatrical Release for Lost Boys 2?

Earlier this month you were already told that the Lost Boys are coming back for a sequel — as a direct-to-DVD release (here). Now it seems that may not be true; they are indeed coming back, but not as a DVD movie, but instead as a … theatrical release? That’s the word from Moviehole, who quotes an interview with Tom Savini himself as saying, “I’m one of the first vampires you see in the movie. I’m a surfer who runs into the vampires at the beginning of the film, in a sequence that is shot very Sergio Leone-style. They’re shooting The Tribe in Vancouver right now, and I’ll be there September 11.”

Savini goes on to add:

“Both Coreys are in it now,” Savini said. “And originally it was going to be direct to video, but because of the success of their reality show, The Tribe is going to go theatrical.”

This is actually funny, because on the show “The Two Coreys” on A&E there was an episode where Corey Feldman had to break it to Corey Haim that they weren’t going to be in the “Lost Boys” sequel, which led to Haim breaking down and crying onscreen. Obviously that was all staged for dramatic impact. (What, did you think what happened on that show was actually “reality”? Get a life, chump.)

The Lost Boys back on the big screen. God help us all.

Savini and a Theatrical Release for Lost Boys 2?