Saw 4 Guts the B.O. Competition with $32.1 Million

In super “Duh” news, the fourth installment of the “Saw” franchise gutted the competition at the box office over the weekend and left their intestines dangling from the screen. Of course the film didn’t have any real competition this weekend, with only the Steve Carrel dramedy “Dan in Real Life” opening opposite it. “Dan” laid claim to the $12.1 million that “Saw 4’s” whopping $32.1 million had no chance at — i.e. everyone who doesn’t like gory horror movies. The only negative to this latest “Saw’s” opening? Although $32.1 is pretty impressive, it’s slightly below the $33.6 million that part 3 took in last year, but whose complaining? Not Lionsgate, who released the picture, that’s for sure.

Here’s how the rest of the box office broke down over the weekend:

1. “Saw IV,” $32.1 million.

2. “Dan in Real Life,” $12.1 million.

3. “30 Days of Night,” $6.7 million.

4. “The Game Plan,” $6.3 million.

5. “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?”, $5.7 million.

6. “Michael Clayton,” $5 million.

7. “Gone Baby Gone,” $3.9 million.

8. “The Comebacks,” $3.45 million.

9. “We Own the Night,” $3.4 million.

10. “Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas,” $3.35 million.

No surprise that “30 Days of Night” fell off so much in its second week, it’s one of those movies where everyone who wanted to see it would have saw it on the first week. Although surprisingly, “The Game Plan” is still pretty strong, while Ben Affleck’s “Gone Baby Gone” has already fallen to #7 in just its second week of release.