Saw 7 Will Get Even Saw-ier — IN 3D!!!!!!

Okay, the extra exclamation points aren’t exactly necessary, and it doesn’t mean I was shaking in my boxers when I typed it. This is expected. The horror genre is like this — when something works (i.e. makes money) everyone follows suit like monkeys. Hence, everything is now being shot in 3D. Because, well, it worked for the first movie that did it, so why not? In any case, Lionsgate has announced “Saw 7” for 2010, despite the lackluster box office showing of the last installment.

But that’s not really a surprise, but here’s what is. Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns said this when asked about the sequel:

“As long as we make money on it we’ll keep doing this.”

Now THAT is some brutal honesty right there, folks.

The “Saw” movies have been seeing diminishing returns with each subsequent sequel. The first sequel took in $87 million, while last year’s installment only brought in $57. And this year’s? A paltry $27 million. Granted, the films are made on a micro budget (at least by Hollywood standards), but a lot of the unmentioned costs come from print and advertising, and those tend to balloon the production budget by at least double.

But as the man says, as long as they keep turning a profit on it (as small as those profits are becoming), they’ll keep doing it. And this time — IN 3D!!!!!!!!!

Haha, you can't stop me, you can't -- GLURG GLURG.

Haha, you can't stop me, you can't -- GLURG GLURG.