Saw and Feast Writers Take on The Stuff of Legend for Disney

The Stuff of Legend Comic BookPatrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the duo behind the “Feast” franchise, before parlaying that success into installments of the “Saw” franchise, then launching their own “The Collector” franchise, will now be putting all that dark, horror stuff behind them to work on Disney’s “The Stuff of Legend”.

Well, sort of.

The writing duo have just been tapped by Disney to do a draft on “The Stuff of Legend”, based on the comic book of the same name by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith (and drawn by Charles Paul Wilson III), about “a band of toys that journeys into a dark realm to rescue their owner from the infamous Boogeyman.”

Shawn Christensen wrote the previous draft. My guess is, the studio finally got around to watching Christensen’s “Abduction”, and realized it’s probably a good idea to get someone else in there.

Besides “Feast”, “Saw”, and “The Collector”, Melton and Dunstan also dipped their blood-stained fingers in the “Piranha 3D” franchise, and apparently also did an uncredited rewrite on Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim”. I’m assuming plugging the 50 or so gaping plot holes in that one wasn’t part of their deal.

Peter Candeland will direct once they’re done and Disney approves of their draft.

Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton

Need babysitters? Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are available. Call them!

Via : THR