Saw Writers to Re-Cut Into the God of War


Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan on the set of My Bloody Valentine (2009) Movie ImageLooks like Universal is serious about getting that “God of War” movie up and running. Or at least, serious-ish enough to drop some cash on a pair of writers to rewrite an existing script for them.

The writing duo who have been given that honor are horror writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the boys behind the low-budget “Feast” films, who jumped into the moderately budgeted “Saw” franchise, and recently assisted on the bouncing boobs goodness that was John Gulager’s “Piranha 3DD” and did some work on Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim”. (FYI: According to that’s Melton and Dunstan on the set of “My Bloody Valentine” to your left. The boys like to have fun.)

“God of War” will of course be based on the series of bestselling fighting games by Sony Computer Entertainment, which chronicled the pissed off adventures of a tan-challenged Spartan named Kratos as he goes around slaughtering the Gods in the name of vengeance or some such.

The duo boards the film after writer David Self (“Road to Perdition”) had already taken his crack at it. Yes, the guys who wrote the “Saw” and “Feast” films and recently “Piranha 3DD” have just been tapped to rewrite something from the guy responsible for “Road to Perdition” and “Thirteen Days”. Welcome to Hollywood. (Then again, Self also wrote “The Wolf Man”, so…)

Charles Roven and Alex Gartner are producing for Universal.

Kratos in the God of War Game

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  • T-800

    Fighing games?Come on do some research first ! It’s an action adventure game.You know there’s difference – Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat don’t have the same gameplay like God of War.Because GoW is not a fucking fighting game !!!

    • Dedpool

      Yeah gotta agree Nix, bad form! LoL. There definitely is much fighting in the name of vengeance, and oh the bloody glory of it all!!! But definitely NOT a fighting game, though Kratos appeard in one recently. The story for GoW maybe pretty much paint by numbers but it was handled with great skill, and was given a epic and grand scale. It had some pretty deep moments too. I hope these guys do the story justice!! Gerard Butler for Kratos. Just think of a bald Leonidas from “300” and we’re good!!

    • Nix

      Oh, puh-leeze. I have played and own all three games. (How’s that for research?) 95% of it is him running around stabbing and decapitating everything in sight and the other 5% is him pushing around blocks. It’s a fucking fighting game.

      • Dedpool

        Sorry, by definition you are wrong. No matter what the precentage of him killing things is (more like 98% cause he’s killing things even in the awesome cutscenes) he’s still running around and doing it which makes it action adventure, not fighting :-P I’m not debating that the violence and whatnot is what makes the game, but I seriously play the game to get to the next cutscene for a new revelation and to see how they weave some more mythology into the story. When you get to the end of GoW2 you can’t front that the scene of him riding the titans up Mount Olympus was one of those “Oh shit!” moments of gaming! All I’m saying is that by definition if you were to look up GoW by genere it’d be action adventure and not fighting. You still need to get the collections for the PSP that were put on PS3.

        • Nix

          You’re such a gaming nerd, man.

          • Wil TsTi Johnson

            Ha! The article was good, but the comments were an awesome read! I epecially like Your come back Nix! Classic!

          • Dedpool

            WHAT WHAT WHAT!!! You’re suppsoed to be my peoples TSTI! What happened?!? LoL

          • Dedpool

            I’LL BE DAT!!!!! And you wouldn’t have me on here if it wasn’t for my talents! :-P

          • Nix

            Dat be so.