Say, Have You Heard of The Dark Knight Yet?

In case you haven’t heard, Warner Bros. is about to release a little movie of theirs called “The Dark Knight”. I hear it’s their prestige film of the year, and that they’re expecting to lose money on it, although it would just tickle them pink if it ended up making a profit. That’s a bit much to hope for, I have to admit, as almost no one has heard of the movie at all. Anyhoo, here’s a look at it. It stars some guys name Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, and Gary Oldman, and is directed by an up and comer name Christopher Nolan. I hear it’s a decent little movie.

Give the film a shot July 18 when it opens. Remember, these small movies need your help if they are to exist in a world of blockbusters and what-have-you!

Wizard World Con trailer:

First six minutes from the movie: