Say Hello to an Upcoming Remake of Scarface


Al Pacino in Scarface (1983) Movie ImageIt won’t be a sequel, a prequel, or have any kind of connection whatsoever to the 1983 Brian De Palma film starring Al Pacino that is beloved by rappers everywhere, but it will keep the name, the themes, and, presumably, a bloody finale.

Yup, they’re remaking “Scarface”. I’d like to tell you I didn’t see this coming, but come on, we all saw this coming, didn’t we?

reports that Universal has started meeting with writers to find someone who can come up with a new take on the old tale — “new” as in find a way to make a remake sellable, while still not really doing anything new. In today’s Hollywood, you can’t get any “newer” than that.

In the De Palma original (itself a remake of the 1932 movie of the same name starring Paul Muni), Pacino played the iconic Tony Montana, a scumbag Cuban immigrant who finds that the ’80s Miami drug trade is very much wide open for a brazen entrepreneur willing to go get his hands a little — or a lot — dirty. The film also co-starred Michelle Pfeiffer as the object of Montana’s lust, and Steven Bauer as his fellow immigrant.

Marc Shmuger and Martin Bregman will do the producing duty honors for Universal.

Author: Nix

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  • Dominique Hatcher

    NO. I’m sorry, but I draw the line here. NO.

    • Tin Hoang

      Are you sure? You might like it! You should always try something at least once. lol

      • Dominique Hatcher

        I already did! “Push It To The Limit”!!!

  • baddog

    I drew the line at “True Grit” & “The Crow”. How the hell are you going to make a better Scar Face, without an academy award winning actor than Al Pacino? The answer, your not!

  • Dedpool

    Im not whole against remake, “Scarface” itself was kind of a remake. But I can’t see a better version of “Scarface” I just don’t. I’m not saying it can’t happen but I just don’t see it being as well written or acted. They need a really strong cast, and a director that can do crime.films well.

    • Tin Hoang

      How about Carlos Mencia or Leguizemo (sp) for the Al Pacino part?

      • Dedpool

        Leguizamo I could actually see. He played a similar part in the film “Empire” but doubt he’d get it. Maybe Nestor Carbonell (mayor in Nolan Batfilms) Danny Trejo has to be in it somewhere too! Lol.

        • Tin Hoang

          You know my cast suggestions were a joke, right? lol.

          • Nix

            Yeah, but Leguizamo would actually be pretty good in the role. He’s actually a very good dramatic actor.

          • Tin Hoang

            Dunno, not sure he has the pathos or gravitas to do it. Nothing against his acting abilities, but he lacks Pacino’s screen presence.

          • Dedpool

            Yes, but Leguizamo actually has the chops to pill it off. He’s a very underrated actor.
            Sent on the go!

  • imrickjamesbitch

    I feel like this movie has been redone at least once a year since the 90’s.

  • Nc32203