Scary Movie 5 Adds Ashley Tisdale

Scary Movie (2000) Movie PosterFormer “High School Musical” gal and survivor of Disney’s infamous stardom machine Ashley Tisdale has signed on to star in “Scary Movie 5”. No word if she’s just another castmember, or if she’s taking over for Anna Faris, who has fronted the franchise since the very first one, but has yet to be announced as reprising her Cindy Campbell character in the fifth entry. A press release by Dimension falls her casting as “one of the leads”.

Malcolm Lee is directing for Dimension Films, with David Zucker (who wrote and directed the third and fourth installments) returning to co-write and produce. “Scary Movie 5” is currently scheduled for a Summer start date. Your guess is as good as mine what they’ll be lampooning.

Tisdale, of course, is best known for the “High School Musical” franchise, as well as being a former Disney princess, aka one of the few girls who didn’t end up embarrassing herself or her family through some ill-conceived stupidity/desperate need to let everyone know how “grown up” she is. She’s worked regularly since those Disney days, with a regular stint on TV in the recently canceled “Hellcats”, and was one of the stars of “Aliens in the Attic”. She’s also a producer now, too, apparently.

But again, no word on Faris’ involvement — if any. Can you really make a “Scary Movie” movie without Cindy Campbell? Oh, I’m just messing with you. Of course they can. But will they?

Ashley Tisdale