Sci Fi Channel Greenlights Revolution Pilot

The Sci Fi Channel hasn’t exactly had a lot of winners when it comes to original TV series. It can basically count all the series that it’s attempted that became successes on one hand — or make that two fingers: Battlestar Galactica and the Stargate franchise. You can make an argument that Farscape did pretty well for the basic cable TV network, but since they also cancelled it, well, let’s not give them too much credit. Sci Fi’s latest entry is “Revolution”, a series by writers Ed Redlich and John Bellucci, set in the future 200 years from now on a distant human colony, where the populace is prepping for yet another “American” revolution from the homeland — Mother Earth.


“Revolution” is set in New America, a distant colony on an Earth-like planet struggling for its independence from an increasingly hostile homeland, the United State.

“It centers on two multigenerational families related by marriage — a loyalist family and a family that is leaning toward rebellion — and how the impending revolution impacts their lives,” said Redlich, a veteran showrunner.

“Revolution” has been a “huge passion project” for longtime friends Redlich and Bellucci, both U.S. history and sci-fi buffs, who first developed it with West for CBS two years ago.

The pilot is slated to begin production in January. If it is picked up to series, Sci Fi is eyeing a summer debut, said Mark Stern, the network’s executive vp original programming.

It sounds like a good idea. But then again, after the Sci Fi Channel’s Godawful Flash Gordon remake, anything would look/sound good.

Sci Fi Channel Greenlights Revolution Pilot