Sci-Fi News to Chew on: Doom Reboot in 3D, Marc Forster’s The Runner, and Voltron Lives


So what’s going on in the world of sci-fi movie developments today? A trio of interesting news for anyone who is a sci-fi nerd, that’s what:

First of all, remember 2005’s “Doom” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Karl Urban, and Rosamund Pike? Well, Universal is actively working on a reboot that will be shot, of course, in 3D. The project is apparently out to writers, so expect to hear a lot about “Doom” returning to the big screen in 3D very soon. It appears they’re doing this specifically to take advantage of the 3D craze, which, let’s face it, is just a stupid reason to make a movie, but there you have it.

I sorta liked 2005’s “Doom”. Then again, maybe it was just this part of the film that endeared me to it:

Ooooh, memories.


Meanwhile, “Quantum of Solace” director Marc Forster and Disney are getting their post-apocalyptic, time-traveling groove on with “The Runner”. It’s got time-traveling and “save the world” action, so you know I’m in with both feet.

The plot for “The Runner” goes thusly:

The Runner is set in a future where the surface of the Earth has been made uninhabitable following a horrible attack. After a system to send someone back in time to stop the attack is developed, a survivor volunteers to face the dangers and try and halt the attack. But, he’s actually got a much more personal reason for wanting to be the one sent back in time…

But he’ll still try to save us from imminent doom, right? One can only hope.


And lastly, that “Voltron” movie that’s been in development seemingly forever? Well, it’s back, and from the sounds of it, it’s got its legs (many, many legs, as it were) under it again.

Vulture reports that the robot lions have a couple of big pocket suitors looking to hook up with rights holder World Events Productions to make the expensive live-action movie. Now all they have to do is choose one and get this thing made already.

What, we’ve already got three “Transformers” movies (essentially the same exact “type” of movie as “Voltron”), and we haven’t gotten one single “Voltron” movie yet? Ridiculous.

Until then, though, “Voltron Force”, the new animated TV show, arrives on Nicktoons this May.

Author: Nix

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  • Teru Kei

    Not another Doom movie! I guess over the racket of chainsaws in space, no one can hear you scream “BAD IDEA!!!”

  • Dedpool

    DUDE! LOL I didn’t hate “Doom” but was very disappointed cause it should’ve been much better. I still say had they just had it in the script that “We were minning and broke through into a cave….then things started coming out of the darkness. We opened some kind of portal…” “A portal to where excatly?” “Hell best describes it I think!”

    ANYWAY I can’t wait for a Voltron flick! Didn’t even know there was another toon coming. Hmms. Gotta look that up!!

  • doommoviesucked

    yes, we all know the original DOOM movie sucked BUT if the writers actually try (unlike last time) and make it somewhat like the ORIGINAL game or base it off of the books it will be awesome (for those of you who dont know what i just said, im talking about the monsters NOT JUST A FEW WITH A LONG TONGUE and the actors cough*the rock*cough) to this day i can sit down and play doom 1-2 and btw i was born after it came out