Sci-Fi Posters: Battleship, John Carter, and Lockout

I love me a good sci-fi tale. Who doesn’t? You know who doesn’t? Pinko commie sleeper agents from Manchuria, China, that’s who. But if you’re not any of those things, then here are three new posters for three upcoming sci-fi films for your eyeball. I totally dig the “John Carter” Mondo poster myself, but the “Lockout” one ain’t bad, either. The “Battleship” one, though? Man, Taylor Kitsch gets around…

First up, a French movie poster for “Lockout”, starring Guy Pearce as a badass dude who gets sent into outer space to save Maggie Grace. I guess you could say she’s been taken again. Ahem. (via Lyrics Interactive)

Lockout (2012) Movie French Poster

And now, for our Taylor Kitsch portion of the post, here’s a French poster for Kitsch’s “Battleship”, in which the former “Friday Night Lights” star battles aliens … onboard a battleship. (via Allocine)

Battleship (2012) Movie French Poster

And a Mondo/IMAX poster for “John Carter”, in which Taylor Kitsch battles aliens … on Mars. (via Hero Complex)

John Carter (2012) Movie IMAX Poster

Via : Impawards