Sci-Fi Trailers: Inception, The Fourth Kind, Smallville, Supernatural

Here are a couple of notable sci-fi videos, trailers, and promos you might have missed this month. First of all, a quickie teaser trailer for Christopher (“The Dark Knight”) Nolan’s latest, the sci-fi drama “Inception”. The only thing more cryptic than the film’s plot? This teaser trailer. Also, a trailer for the based-on-a-true-story-in-theory movie “The Fourth Kind”, starring Milla (“Resident Evil”) Jovovich as a therapist who hypnotizes alien abductees and learns about the wonders of anal probing. And finally, two trailers for the upcoming seasons of Smallville and Supernatural, two CW shows that you should be watching. Okay, these are basically the only CW shows you should be watching — unless you’re a squealing 13-year old girl, that is. You’re not a squealing 13-year old girl, are you?

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“Inception” Teaser Trailer:

“The Fourth Kind” Trailer:

Supernatural Season 5 Trailer:

Smallville Season 9 Trailer: