Sci-fi/Western Graphic Novel Cowboys and Aliens to be Made into a Movie

Anybody who is anybody (and even some who aren’t anybody) is snatching up comic books left and right with the idea of developing it into a movie. Or at least pitch it to some big studio who’ll pay them to “produce” it for them. The latest comic book to movie idea is a graphic novel (the high-falutin’ word for comic books nowadays) called “Cowboys and Aliens”, and concerns an alien race that lands in 1800s Arizona to enslave the Wild West population, but ends up having to fight both the bickering cowboys and Apaches.

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are producing the sci-fi/western film for Dreamworks and Universal, with screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby tapped to adapt the graphic novel into movie form.

It actually doesn’t sound like such a bad idea for a movie, even if it is a little “out there”.

The whole thing is the creation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, and you can actually read the whole thing for free now online by clicking here.