Scott Adkins and JCVD Throw Down in Weapon Featurette

Ever wondered what a movie featuring two well-known cinematic martial artists throwing down would look like? You’re in luck, because Scott Adkins and Jean-Claude Van Damme are doing just that in their new action movie “Weapon”. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the film below. Note: Kids, do not smoke in-between fight choreography. Via the boys at Scott Adkins Fanz.

Rival assassins — each of whom are masters of their respective weapons — form an uneasy alliance in their mission to take down a DEA-backed drug cartel.

“Weapon” is directed by Ernie Barbarash, who helmed the underrated “Cube: Zero” a few years back. It co-stars Kevin Chapman, Valentin Teodosiu, and Ivan Kaye.