Scott Gimple is The Walking Dead’s Latest Showrunner


Scott GimpleFor a show that’s lost not one, but two showrunners in the span of two and a half years, it’s amazing how coherent AMC’s monster hit show “The Walking Dead” has remained onscreen. For my money, the show has progressed pretty nicely from season to season — and yes, I even think the slow-down nature of the second season has greatly benefited the helter skelter pace of the current third season.

But after losing Frank Darabont at the end of Season 1, then Glen Mazzara a few months ago at the mid-way point of Season 3, “The Walking Dead” has now hired its third showrunner in as many years in Scott Gimple (left, the one without the zombie make-up).

This was a bit of a surprise, because I think most people had just naturally assumed “The Walking Dead’s” comic book creator and TV show writer/producer Robert Kirkman was in line to take over. And indeed, depending on who you believe, there are industry stories that Mazzara didn’t leave on his own accord, that he was in part pushed out of the job by Kirkman, who is reportedly looking for more control over the show.

Gimple isn’t a stranger to “The Walking Dead”, having joined in the second season, and has penned several episodes of Season 3. Gimple is apparently a natural choice for the gig, having been promoted by Mazzara as his #2 over the course of Season 2.

As for the second half of season 3, Mazzara will remain on the show until it wraps later this year, with Gimple expected to fully take over when Season 4 finally comes around.

Here’s what to expect when Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” returns this year:

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    On this show, Zombies doesn’t get you killed, politics does!

    • Dedpool

      Such is Romero’s Law! You know like Murphy’s Law but with Zombies.

      Romero’s Law: It’s not the zombies you need to worry about, they’re a fact of life. It’s the living you have to fear.