Scott Porter Joins Speed Racer as Young Racer X

The Wachowski Brothers have added another name to their cast — Scott Porter, one of the stars of NBC’s critically acclaimed but criminally underseen “Friday Night Lights”, the TV version of the football movie of the same name. Porter will play the younger version of Speed Racer’s older brother, who fakes his death and later returns as Racer X, now played by Matthew Fox. (Yeah, it’s one pretty screwed up family. The family reunions must be really awkward!)

In “Lights”, Porter plays Jason Street, a star high school quarterback who ends up in a wheelchair before the pilot even ends.

It’s actually a pretty good show, and if you get the chance, I’d recommend it. Normally I rebel against anything the critics tell me is good, but this show is actually quite decent.

Scott Porter Joins Speed Racer