Scream 4 aka Scream 90210 is Coming

Yup, they’re making another “Scream” movie. And why shouldn’t they? The previous three films made oodles of money. As such, it’s not shocking that they’re making another “Scream” movie, it’s shocking that it’s taken them this long to get their knife sets together, nearly nine years now after “Scream 3”. Returning from exile to tackle the script once again will be original writer Kevin Williamson, who tried to go “Scream”-less with something called “Cursed”, and then later on TV with something called Hidden Palms. Wes Craven, who directed the previous three films, may or may not return. I’m guessing he’ll return. Ol Wes knows a cash cow when he sees one.

Here’s Bloody-Disgusting with your bullet point facts on “Scream 4”, including the fact that it’ll be pretty much rebooting the franchise with new characters:

Fact #1: Kevin Williamson (writer of two of the SCREAM films (character credit on third)) is going to start writing a draft, although it may or may not become the shooting script (which is typical).

Fact #2: Wes Craven may or may not direct, but there is a very good possibility that he will return.

Fact #3: They are making financial offers to David Arquette, Courtney Cox Arquette and Neve Campbell to play cameos.

Fact #4: This will be a younger version of the SCREAM movies.

The “Scream” movies being the irrelevant horror franchise that it is, I’m guessing the original castmembers will show up in the movie via TV interviews or perhaps on the red carpet for a premiere of a movie (within the movie) based on the “Scream” legend. You know, that whole post-modern wink and nod that gets the kids all aquiver these days.

Below: Upon hearing news of the sequel, the Ghostface Killer commented, “Damn, it’s about time! My damn car just broke down, too, and Ghostface Killer needs moolah, baby.”