Screen Gems’ Remake of Gareth Evans’ The Raid is A Go

The Raid (2011) Movie PosterRemember news of that upcoming Hollywood remake of “Merantau” director Gareth Evans’ latest, the actioner “The Raid”? Well it’s official.

Screen Gems has acquired remake rights to the film, with Evans staying on to executive produce. What does “executive producing” mean exactly? Well, Evans will have to smile and nod when the film comes out and people ask him how he feels about it, cause let’s face it, he’s getting paid Hollywood bucks to go along with it. He won’t write or direct or, as far as I can tell, have much else to do with the film beyond that.

Like the original, the remake will find a team of SWAT badasses trapped in a tenement run by a notorious drug lord and ruled by his two highly violent martial arts killers. And oh yeah, the bad guy also has a personal militia armed with machetes and machine guns just waiting to shoot up and slice and dice anyone who wanders into their humble adobe. Stranded on the 6th floor with no way out, the SWAT unit must fight their way through the city’s worst to survive their mission. Much blood splattering, as you can imagine, ensue.

The original “The Raid” starred Iko Uwais, who also starred in Evans’ breakthrough hit, 2009’s “Merantau”, which was decent for a decently budgeted actioner, but it definitely looked like a jumping off point for what Evans and company have accomplished in “The Raid”. Take a gander at the trailer for the Indonesian original below to get a feel for the craziness in this thing.

Via : Variety