Screenwriter hired for Spider-Man 5 and 6

spiderman-web That’s right, even though the 4th isn’t even filming yet, Sony has pushed along with the 5th and 6th by hiring James Vanderbilt (writer of Zodiac) to pen the scripts (according to Empire). Their aim is supposedly to reduce the time between films being released, so there may be a 3-year long Spiderman film onslaught heading your way.

You may remember James Vanderbilt as being the guy who wrote the original script for the 4th film, but Raimi didn’t like all of his ideas, so David Lindsay-Abaire was brought in to re-write Vanderbilt’s script. This is the same Sam Raimi who brought us the first two, and more importantly, the awesome two films, and despite the 3rd film being a severe let-down, I still trust Raimi’s opinion.

Yet Vanderbilt has been chosen to pen the apparantly interconnected 5th and 6th films. I can’t help but feel that the man who essentially failed to write the 4th script isn’t the best choice for the next films. The executives at Columbia and Marvel disagree with me though, and Vanderbilt is probably scribbling away right now, trying to cram several hundred villians into these sequels. I would like to say that one villian could carry over both films, but who would it be? The Venom and Carnage storyline would have been perfect, ‘would have’ only because the Venom storyline was royally screwed up in the 3rd film (and Carnage is rumoured for the 4th), where the symbiote just made Peter Parker emo and Venom (surely the ultimate Spiderman villian?) was pushed aside for the sake of the Sandman and the entire Harry going mental and seeing Willem Dafoe in windows Goblin plotline. So who else could it be? The Kingpin has yet to make an appearance (I’m going to pretend Daredevil didn’t happen, for the sake of my own rapidly deteriorating mental state), so perhaps they’ll add our favourite favourite portly mafia boss in to spice up the films.

To be honest, after the 3rd film, I fear the future of this franchise. I get a distinct feeling that I’m going to see one of my most beloved comic book heroes be raped over the course of three over-hyped, poorly written pieces of crap. Whilst the original stars and Raimi are on board for the 4th, there’s no confirmation about the 5th and 6th, and apparantly Vanderbilt’s script could be used as a blueprint for the re-birth of the franchise. Perhaps this would be a good time for a comic book geek revolution, for the fans of Spiderman to paste pages of the comic book to his windows and post endless videotapes of the cartoon series through his door, anything to stop these films degenerating into a disgrace to everything that we once loved. Join the cause.