SDCC TV News: Burn Notice, Human Target, Walking Dead

Some bits of TV news from westaways in San Diego to get you caught up on all the going-ons from the big geek greet and meet.

Fox’s “Human Target”:

“Rome’s” Indira Varma has joined the cast as its first female regular. The show, which stars Mark Valley as bodyguard Christopher Chance, was a three-men show throughout its first season, though apparently the show has an unusually big female following for such a male-oriented action adventure show. I suppose it’s the side of beef that is Christopher Chance that is bringing them in. Plus, he’s very manly and sensitive, and apparently chicks dig that.

Varma will be joining the cast as the show’s female patron, as well as Chance’s new boss. As you’ll recall from the first season cliffhanger, Chance is looking for a new boss/partner to guide him.


USA Network’s “Burn Notice”:

Sam Axe is getting his own “Burn Notice” TV movie. The prequel will explore the final days of Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) as a military operative. Says “Burn Notice” producer Matt Nix (love that last name, Matt):

You will see what happened and how Sam Axe ended up retiring in Miami. We learn a little more about the guy, and we get to see Sam Axe in action with guns.

Campbell, who was at the Con, deadpanned:

I have to say that USA finally got their sh– together.

Maybe we’ll finally learn what the deal is with Chuck Finley…


AMC’s “The Walking Dead”:

You can add Michael Rooker and “Boondock Saints’s” Normal Reedus to the growing cast of undead fighters in AMC’s zombie show “The Walking Dead”. Check out two images featuring the two men below: