Sean Astin Enlists to Battle Vampires in The Strain TV Series

Sean Astin in Jeremiah TV Series

Frodo’s bestest buddy Samwise Gamgee will be fighting vampires instead of orcs when he joins the cast of the FX Channel’s upcoming “The Strain”, a serialized adaptation of the horror trilogy written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

The Strain Novel CoverAstin joins the previously cast Corey Stoll, Mia Maestro, and John Hurt on the show, which will find Stoll playing a CDC doctor who, along with his partner and lover (played by Maestro), has to battle an impending vampire infection of New York. They get help from a WWII Holocaust survivor (Hurt), who knows the history of the vampires, especially the Big Bad that is currently onboard a plane that has just landed in the Big Apple.

Astin will play Jim Kent, a “savvy and trustworthy guy who is an open political operative of the Canary Group and best friends with” Stoll and Maestro’s characters, and who “unknowingly betrays their friendship when he is coerced into releasing a cabinet out of quarantine that contains a potentially deadly virus.”

And I must have missed this, but apparently Kevin Durand (“I am Number Four”) was previously cast as Vasiliy Fet on the show. Fet is a Russian exterminator, and becomes a really big character as the books progresses. I like Durand (pictured below). He’s a really good actor, and for my money is probably the best actor you’ve never heard of, mostly because he’s such a chameleon and rarely looks the same from movie to movie. The guy is really good, and I’m not sure if he’s never gotten a leading role because he didn’t want one or no one ever thought to cast him as one.

Lauren Lee Smith is also in the cast, and will play Stoll’s ex-wife.

Del Toro himself will direct the pilot for “The Strain”, which is being eyed as a limited series that will have a beginning, middle and a definite end. With three books to cull stories from, I don’t think it’ll be all that much trouble to keep the showing going for, oh, at least 3 seasons, possibly even 4 if all goes well.

Kevin Durand

Via : THR