Sean Bardin and Robert Cooley Want to Catch You Completely Unaware

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Unaware (2010) Movie Image

Whatever you do, please do not refer to Sean Bardin and Robert Cooley’s upcoming “found footage” flick “Unaware” as a documentary. Because it’s not. That’s what their promotional team would have you believe, though, to be perfectly fair, I doubt anyone is going to fall for that well-worn promotional gimmick. Then again, there are some gullible folks out there, so I might be wrong about that. Regardless of the film’s authenticity, the trailer you’ll find lurking below is actually kind of interesting, as it takes the familiar formula and drops an evil alien life form right in the middle of it. Whether or not you believe all of this nonsense is real, of course, depends on willingness to trust the pitchman.

Here’s what this one is all about:

In July 2010, a vacationing couple discovered something disturbing on a ranch in rural Texas. Armed with a home camcorder, they captured their experience on video.

Remember: This is not a documentary of a mock documentary. And is that nefarious alien riding a lawnmower towards the end of the clip? The truth is out there.

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Rod Cooley

    “UNAWARE” DVD Release date is March 12th 2013 from Cinema Epoch….Pre-orders being taken now at and VOD should follow in April 2013.