Sean Bean Dies a Lot in his Movies. And I Mean, a LOT.

Which makes you wonder why fans of a certain show on a certain premium cable network were so shocked when Sean Bean’s character ended up dead. I mean, the guy dies A LOT in his movies and TV appearances. According to, Bean has been in 97 productions as of this article, and according to this video (with actual proof) he’s died in 21 of them. So basically if you see Bean in a movie or TV show, there is a 22% chance his character will be brutally killed.

He’s been stabbed, shot, stabbed, impaled, stabbed, thrown off a cliff by cows, stabbed — you name it, the guy has died by it. (And did I mention he seems to get stab an awful lot?)

It’s confirmed that his character dies in the new Ashley Judd TV show “Missing”, and I get the feeling he might not last too long in Relativity’s untitled “Snow White” movie where he’ll be playing the King. So, two more for the death reel, then?

Via EW

(Note: Lots of blood and murders in the video, along with plenty of SPOILERS for Bean’s characters, so watch at your own risk.)