Sean Bean Gets Post-Apocalyptic In Scorched Earth

Sean BeanSean Bean has been in some terrible movies, but even in those, he’s always strong. He’s a grizzled, leathery badass of a sort they don’t make much anymore, a trait the English-born actor has used to great effect in the likes of “Game of Thrones” and “GoldenEye”. Now Bean has a new project percolating, a post-apocalyptic jaunt called “Scorched Earth”.

While Bean combined with the words “post-apocalyptic” are more than enough to get me to watch a movie, check out this description. “Scorched Earth” takes place in “the future after an environmental disaster which left billions dead and turned the planet into a ravaged wasteland.” A ravaged wasteland is promising, but there’s more. Bean’s character will be, “Atticus Gage, a bounty hunter, who receives the bounty of a lifetime to track the world’s most wanted criminal in these devastated badlands.”

Only a guy like Bean can pull off a name like Atticus Gage. You’d think about laughing, but he’d shoot you one of those intense, chilling looks he’s so good at, and you’ll swallow your mirth and hope he doesn’t slap you. Bean can do it and make it feel natural, while a guy like Will Smith playing someone named Cypher Raige (in M. Night Shyamalan’s “After Earth”) is comical.

“Scorched Earth” is currently being pitched at the Toronto International Film Festival. If I had money I would bankroll this myself. The script comes from Bobby Mort (“Circle of Pain”, “Beatdown”) and Kevin Leeson (“Mongolian Death Worm”), with Brad Turner (“24”) attached to direct. How can you go wrong with a team like that in place?

Via : Heat Vision