Sean Bean Joins Ashley Judd’s Taken-ish TV Show Missing

Apparently because he still has an hour or two to kill between all the movies and TV work he’s already got lined up, Sean Bean has joined Ashley Judd’s new show on ABC called “Missing”, which sounds like a cross between “Taken” and “Not Without my Daughter”. Bean will play Judd’s husband on the show, who is killed early in the pilot, but returns in flashbacks throughout the season.

The plot:

The story centers on a worried mom who, after her son disappears in Italy while overseas for a summer internship, takes it upon herself to travel to Europe and track him down. It soon becomes clear that this isn’t any ordinary woman, but a former CIA agent who will stop at nothing to bring her son home alive.

Unlike his ex-CIA wife, though, Bean’s character Paul on the show will be your average husband … who gets blown up in the pilot.

Bean is one busy man. Besides a number of movie projects, including “Silent Hill 2”, he’s also got HBO’s “Game of Thrones” where he plays the male lead.