Sean Patrick Flanery in Vampire Horror The Insatiable on DVD

There is absolutely no reason why I should care about the new vampire horror movie “The Insatiable”, except for one thing — it stars Sean Patrick Flanery, who I have been a fan of since his days on “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, bar none the best damn TV series never to have been given a chance. I’ve followed Flanery’s career since, from “Boondock Saints” to his recent stint on TV’s “The Dead Zone”. Now he’s back in ThinkFilm’s “The Insatiable”, playing a salesman who captures a vampire with intentions to kill her, only to fall in love with her. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Via Fangoria:

ThinkFilm just passed along the cover art and info on its vampire movie THE INSATIABLE, which hits DVD September 18. The directorial debut of screenwriters Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, whose credits include the cable remake of EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, it stars Sean Patrick (THE DAMNED THING) Flanery as a salesman who takes it upon himself to track down a female bloodsucker (THE THIRST’s Charlotte Ayanna) he has seen commit a grisly murder.

The film co-stars Charlotte Ayanna and Michael Biehn.

Trailers for the film via Twitchfilm:

The Insatiable trailer #1 (downloadable 5.7 MB MOV file)
The Insatiable trailer #2 (downloadable 8.1 MB SWF file)

Poster for the movie: