Season 2 Teaser for HBO’s Game of Thrones

Want to know a secret? Of course you do. Truth be told, I haven’t seen a single episode of HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Game of Thrones”. Not because I don’t want to, mind you, but I haven’t subscribed to the pay channel is eons, and I’m not about to start again any time soon. However, as soon as this bad boy hits DVD, I’ll be all over it like a fat guy at an all-you-can-eat Rib Eye steak buffet. And while I haven’t watched the teaser for fear of ruining any of the first season’s surprises, I know a few Sean Bean-minded individuals who should enjoy the preview. Assuming, of course, that Sean Bean even made it out of the first season alive.

As of this writing, a premiere date has not been set.

Source: Hollywood Reporter