Season 2 Trailer for NBC’s Hannibal is Served


Things do not seem to be going very well for the FBI’s ace serial killer profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy). For one, he’s in jail, framed by Hannibal for a series of murders. Which kinda sucks for ol William Graham. How long will his incarceration last? Who knows, but from the looks of this latest NBC trailer for the show’s upcoming second season, he’s not going to take it lying down.

Season 2 of “Hannibal” returns with the episode “Kaiseki,” and you can see the first promo images for it below. I’m not sure, but do these images have a spoiler or two in them, especially when it comes to Laurence Fishburne’s Jack Crawford’s, er, strained relationship with Hannibal?

Maybe, maybe…

Get ready for the reckoning starting this February 28th.

Also starring Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas, Hettienne Park, and Scott Thompson.