Second International Trailer For Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon

WhiteRibbonAlthough they’re frequently hard to swallow and more than a little confusing, I guess you could say I’m a fan of the work of German director Michael Haneke. I won’t pretend for two seconds that I fully comprehend “Cache,” or that I totally enjoyed his challenging 2003 effort “Time of the Wolf.” I am, however, fascinated with this storytelling abilities, so much so that I’ll blindly watch whatever he decides to release. Very few directors have that sort of power over me, especially when I feel that their material frequently flies directly over my head. “The White Ribbon” appears a little more accessible than, say, “Funny Games” or “The Piano Teacher,” though not by much. Regardless, I’m rather excited about it, and am anxious to check it out.

Here’s what it’s all about:

The story focuses on a children’s choir in a village in northern Germany just before World War I. Strange events happen at the school which seem to be ritual punishment. Does this affect the school system, and how does the school have an influence on fascism?

The trailer has been included below. As of this writing, “The White Ribbon” will receive a limited release on December 30th.