Second Look at a Classic Story: New Trailer for A Christmas Carol

carrey-christmas-carolIt has only been two weeks since the last trailer, which I had originally written about at the time, and already Disney has released a second official trailer for the Robert Zemeckis-directed “A Christmas Carol”. Just like the previous one, this trailer doesn’t show much of Jim Carrey either, recutting some of what we’ve already seen while expanding on other parts, but it does reveal CG that is used to great effect. Even though it might re-orient the classic novel by Charles Dickens toward more of an action film, this adaptation has the kind of adrenaline rush that a lot of good CG is known for, the kind that would be almost impossible to do with live action because everything on screen practically breaks the laws of physics.

You can watch an HD versions of the trailer on Apple’s official site. The film will be coming to theaters just in time for Halloween on November 6th, 2009.