Second Skin Attempts To Explain Your WoW Addiction

SecondSkinUnderstanding the intricacies of video game addiction is quickly becoming a cottage industry, and there are plenty of opportunistic individuals who’d love for you to thoroughly investigate their two-cent theories. Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza’s 2008 documentary “Second Skin” takes an in-depth look at MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) and their overall effect on the human condition, with a specific slant towards the insanely popular computer game “World of Warcraft.” The trailer was more than enough to hook my attention, and as soon as the funds are in their proper place, the DVD will be on its way to my hungry snail mail box. As a former “Ultima Online” addict, this should be an enlightening piece of work, although I’m sure it will sting a little.

Here’s a more involved synopsis for you to grapple with:

Second Skin takes an intimate look at three sets of computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by online virtual worlds. An emerging genre of computer software called Massively Multiplayer Online games, or MMOs, allows millions of users to interact simultaneously in virtual spaces. Of the 50 million players worldwide, 50 percent consider themselves addicted. From individuals struggling with addiction to couples who have fallen in love without meeting; from disabled players whose lives have been given new purpose to gold farmers, entrepreneurs and widows, Second Skin opens viewers’ eyes to a phenomenon that may permanently change the way human beings interact.

The DVD is available now from the film’s official website.