Second Teaser for Kai Cheung Chung’s Mysterious Island is Suitably Peculiar

I have no idea what in the hell is going on in this clip, but truth be told, that’s exactly why I want to see Kai Cheung Chung’s “Mysterious Island”. If nothing else, at least the marketing campaign stays true to the picture’s title. I’m sure we’ll see a full trailer before long, as the film, which stars Jordan Chan, Mi Yang, Tien You Tsui, Hayama Go, Janel Tsai, and Anya, opens on July 8th, 2011. You can feast your eyes on the strangeness below.

To prevent further confusion, here’s a synopsis:

A group of young people from different countries head to a deserted island for a survivor competition. The winner who lives through the hardships will be awarded with a big cash prize. However this journey turns out to be much harder than they could stand. First, their maps are gone. Then the competitors are being murdered, one by one. They all know the killer must be one among them. The island is under a horrible and timid atmosphere.

Source: Film Smash