See, I Told You Ashley Judd Was Still Alive

Wait, what the hell happened to Ashley Judd? Wasn’t she supposed to be a really big star back in the day? Apparently “back in the day” was a pretty long time ago, because for a while there I thought the Kentucky girl had been kidnapped by aliens or something. Anyways, she’s back at work, it appears, although considering she’s joined the cast of the comedy “The Tooth Fairy”, which stars The Rock as a hockey player nicknamed the Tooth Fairy, maybe she should have stayed missing for another few years until something decent came around. “The Tooth Fairy” is supposed to be a comedy. No, really. It’ll probably end up being as brilliantly funny as “The Game Plan”. Which was, as you know, hilarious. Am I right or am I right?

Says Variety:

Ashley Judd is set to star with Dwayne Johnson in 20th Century Fox comedy “Tooth Fairy,” which shoots in Vancouver in October. Michael Lembeck is directing.

Blumhouse’s Jason Blum is producing with Mayhem Pictures partners Gordon Gray and Mark Ciardi.

Johnson plays a minor league hockey player nicknamed the Tooth Fairy. Judd plays his girlfriend, a single mother of two kids.

Judd’s really last big movie was the cop flick “Twisted” in 2004. In 2006 she did something called “Bug”, known primarily as the movie where she took off her clothes. Basically, considering what she’s done in the last few years, getting abducted by aliens probably would have been a better excuse for where Judd’s career is headed.

But hey, she still looks pretty good. Am I right or am I right? Go Wildcats.

Ashley Judd