Guess the D.C. Superhero in Short Film First Impressions

First Impressions Short Film Poster

Check out the poster above for the superhero fan-made short film “First Impressions”, then try to guess which one of those two people in the poster is the superhero. Is it the mild-mannered looking dude in the sweater? Or the girl in the stylish boots? Once you’ve picked a suspect, try to guess which D.C. superhero he/she is.

The 5-minute short is directed by Leo Kei Angeleos, and stars Hailey Bright and Chester See as the couple on a first date, and Doug Jones as the villain. Apparently they’ve gotten something Dougie wants, and he’s got a group of random toughs loitering around to help him get it.

The action choreography is pretty slick, I gotta say.

Spotted by the lads over at GeekTyrant: